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Natural Vitamin & Homeopathic Sprays - Just spray it in your mouth! ImmunoBooster is currently out of stock but can be purchased at The Vitamin Shoppe now!



Formulas that can be used daily or when experiencing symptoms depending on why you are taking it. For example, Stress Relief can be used as a symptom relief formula at times of high life stress or daily as a lifestyle formula for anxiety.

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Sprayology reinvents the vitamin as it invigorates a generation of time deprived professionals. These pioneering nutritional supplements are sprayed into the mouth, where they are rapidly absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Unlike the traditional capsule form, oral sprays by-pass the digestive system, which can degrade the restorative properties of nutrients, so more nourishment makes it into the bloodstream.

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The oral sprays in this beauty group replenish the body's supply of energy to relieve the symptoms of aging, helping you function at a more youthful level. All five formulas in this collection are homeopathic and help with age-related issues such as low energy, sex drive, menopause, weight loss and focus.

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Common ailments are the focus of this homeopathic collection. They are a veritable cocktail of natural ingredients that have been formulated to alleviate the symptoms of everyday ailments such as sleeplessness, allergies, colds & flu, digestion issues, jet lag, pain, bruising and hangovers.

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Sprayology works at the deepest levels to restore order and balance to the complex interplay of systems within the human body. When the body is not in balance it affects how we look and feel. These homeopathic sprays work to restore balance disturbed by stress, toxicity, illness and a hectic lifestyle.

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