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Aging GREAT!

Some thoughts on Aging-GREAT!

My name is Ellie Whalen, I am the founder of Sprayology and I am 53 years old.  Over the past month I have spent a good bit of time with many people in their late 70's and 80's. I saw a wide varied of health issues but even more important, a wide variety in their quality of daily life. This got me thinking about I how I want to look, feel and live daily, 25 years from now. 

My plan is to focus on a few key areas of wellness to live better and healthier as I age. 

1.Keep moving and practice balance every day. Something as simple as sitting on the floor and getting up 10 times while alternating the side you lean towards will make a difference.
Do it NOW!

  1. Drink more water!  We all know this, but I was amazed to see many seniors rarely drink enough water daily.  Drink some NOW!

    3. Eat a variety of food, less meat, more veggies and avoid processed foods and sugar.  This is something I already do, but I do get out of the habit at times. Write down some healthy food that you like and have not eaten in a while. Put 5 healthy foods on your shopping list NOW!

    4. Make choices now so you are less medications later.  The seniors I saw who are on very few medication seem healthier. This is where Sprayology can help. Know what medications you are taking and the possible side effects. Sprayology has no side effects.


I founded Sprayology, so I obviously believe in and use Sprayology's homeopathic and vitamin formulas every day. I have seen the results and I feel healthier now than when I founded the company 18 years ago. 

My Sprayology recommendations to age GREAT are: Rejuvenation Plus, Life Detoxer, ImmunoBooster, Arnica Power3 & B-12 + Folic Acid (out of stock until late September). 

A good part of how you age is up to you.  Act NOW, to live better later. 


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