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Headaches and Migraines

It is true that Sprayology does not offer a specific homeopathic product just for headaches or migraines, and that’s because we don’t think we yet have a formula that will consistently work for the majority of people. This is due to the nature of migraines. There is much still unknown about migraines, and one person's migraine or headache could result from a totally different reason than someone else’s. 

We do suggest when people are getting frequent headaches and migraines to listen to their body and take notes about what has been going on recently. If you’re getting more headaches than usual, maybe your stress levels are higher. Maybe you’ve changed your diet, maybe the seasons are changing, or maybe you’re just not drinking enough water.

Many general, basic headaches can be resolved simply by hydrating the body, so that is always the first step. If you feel a headache coming on, drink water! But, as migraine sufferers know all too well, a migraine is a whole different can of worms than a headache. 

So, as the founder of Sprayology, I decided to dive in and learn more about migraines and the body to try to see how we could assist our customers who are so often asking us about helping them with these issues.

I’ve come across quite a few studies. It looks like more work needs to be done, but there definitely seems to be a correlation between low B12 levels impacting the frequency of migraines. One study found migraine sufferers with high levels of B12 had a much lower frequency of migraines when compared to migraine sufferers with low B12 levels. That being said, not all B12 is created equal. Turn to Sprayology—we only use the best B12 available in our vitamin sprays like EveryDay Multi, and it absorbs well, is vegan, and is completely all natural.

Another possible root factor of migraines being discussed, written about, and studied is the connection between the immune function and migraines. This makes a great deal of sense to me. I think of the immune system as our protector. The immune system's job is to defend against disease-causing microorganisms. The immune system is a vast and complex interconnected network of many different organs, cells, and proteins that work together to protect the body from illness. It has a big job, so I’m not surprised to be reading about the importance of a healthy immune function to reduce the frequency of migraines for migraine sufferers.

If you suffer from migraines, think about the times when you’ve had multiple migraines in a row. Was it a period in your life when you were burning the candle at both ends? I think there’s a strong possibility that migraines at their root are connected to the immune function.

I personally cannot say enough about Sprayology ImmunoBooster. It is the product I give the most credit to along with the Life Detoxer for getting me off my asthma inhalers after being an asthmatic for 20 years. I rebuilt my immune system with ImmunoBooster! When I did, I saw my allergies reduce, and I saw my energy increase. I also found I was sick less frequently, and the duration of the sickness was much shorter.

I just wanted to share a little today and suggest that if you are a headache or migraine sufferer consider trying our EveryDay Energy and ImmunoBooster. Take the ImmunoBooster two sprays three times a day and take the EveryDay Energy nine sprays per day. You can even take all nine sprays at once. Let it soak in under the tongue for about 15 seconds. If you want to increase your absorption, take three sprays three times a day.

FYI—we do suggest taking our homeopathic formulas and our vitamin formulas at least 15 minutes apart. Don’t take these two formulas back to back! It is okay to take our three vitamins all at the same time, and it is okay to take our homeopathic formulas back to back, just make sure to leave some space between the two categories.


We hope this helps you feel better and live a more vibrant life with fewer headaches and migraines!


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