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Tips to Re-Set your Health Consistency

The Unofficial End of Summer is Here! 
Tips to Re-Set your Health Consistency

Students are heading back to school, the weather will soon start to change and the leaves will begin to fall. 

Changes in our schedules, the weather and hours of daylight all can affect our we feel, look and function.

When change is upon us, it is a good time to check in with yourself.

STEP 1-Ask yourself some questions. Try doing a scan from head to toe.  Think about each part of your body, check-in with it and take some notes. Look at the physical, mental and emotional parts of your body.  The goal is to key into how you are FEELING, all of you.

A few sample questions to ask yourself. The list can go on, but try to key into what is important for you to determine your well-being right now.

How am I feeling?

How is my energy level?

Am I experiencing any aches or pain?

How does my body react when pushed?

How do I respond to external stress; physically, mentally & emotionally?

How hopeful am I feeling?

STEP 2 -Look at your current BEHAVIORS & ACTIONS. These are the things you can control.

What is my schedule currently?

How much sleep am I getting?

Is my sleep schedule consistent?

How much water am I drinking?

How has my diet been lately, be honest?

Am I spending my time with positive people?

How much exercise am I getting? 

Is my exercise consistent?

STEP 3 - Look for connection between your behaviors and how you are feeling.  You cannot control your feelings but you can control many of the behaviors and actions that affect them.  This is an opportunity to look for ways to make little changes.  Little changes can make a difference especially when you do them EveryDay (or most days).  This results in our Health Consistency (good or bad).

At Sprayology focusing on our health consistency, daily self-care and are prevention are at the core of who we are and what matters to us.  But even then we can get out of the habit and start to slide towards less healthy habits.  So we are practicing what we preach by looking at how we are feeling, how we are behaving and re-setting our goals to improve our health consistency.

Here are our TOP 5 re-set goals our team recommitted to. Of course #3 is our favorite! 

  1. Drink the right amount of water for my body EveryDay!
  2. Move my body at least 40 mins per day. Customize this goal to your activity level.
  3. Take my Lifestyle Sprays! Everyone at sprayology knows they feel better when they take certain sprays EveryDay as directed, but we too get out of the habit mostly when we are very busy or feeling really good, because we don’t think about them as often.
  4. Less technology at home, more nature, books, meditation and quiet time.
  5. Celebrate the wins and be grateful EveryDay!


Our Teams Top 5 most used Sprays!

Rejuvenation Plus


Body Balance



If our EveryDay vitamins were in stock they would be on the list. (vitamin update below)

Vitamin Update!

EveryDay Energy and EveryDay Sunshine are coming soon!  These 2 formulas are the best vitamin formulas we have ever made.  We are so excited to bring them to you in October.  Look for pre-sale event in September so you can be the first to receive them.  See the below image to learn about why these formulas are so awesome!

EveryDay Energy and EveryDay Sunshine are coming soon! 

These 2 formulas are the best vitamin formulas we have ever made.  We are so excited to bring them to you in October.  

EveryDay Energy   B-12 & Folate

EveryDay Sunshine (new formula)  D3 + K2



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