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Men and Sprayology

With Father’s Day coming up, take some time to think about the men in your life: are they establishing healthy habits that make them feel great, or is there room for improvement? 

At first glance, you may think that Sprayology is just for women - but, that’s not the case! While we do have a few sprays that cater to women’s health, the majority of Sprayology products are for everyone ages 12 and up (and our vitamins are for ages 4 and up!). 

Sprayology is all about making it easy for you to get healthy and stay healthy. My husband (58) and our two sons (29 and 30) have been taking Sprayology for over 22 years. None of them are on medications, and when they start to feel like they are getting sick, they catch it early by using their sprays. 

Catching things early is a key element to good health and prevention. Since they were young, I taught my children to listen to their bodies. In addition to early detection, it’s important to pay attention to what type of treatment(s) your body will respond to. Every body is unique: some people have sensitive stomachs, some will have seasonal allergies, and others still will have challenges with focus or stress. At Sprayology, we treat all of these conditions gently, safely, and naturally so that your body gets what it needs to function at its very best. 

My son, Sean, loves our digestive product. Instead of grabbing an over-the-counter PPI or an antacid when he’s having some stomach issues, Sean just uses some DigestivEase spray. My son, Joe, is a big fan of the ImmunoBooster spray during his travels to keep him healthy on the go; and he loves our AllergEase spray because he has both seasonal and pet allergies. My husband is a hard worker who loves to stay active through biking and hiking. At work, he keeps our Brain Power and Stress Relief sprays within easy reach for fast relief. Due to his work schedule, he doesn’t always have time to exercise as consistently as he would like to; so, when he does get back on that bike or back on the trail, he’s more prone to soreness. That’s when he reaches for our Arnica Power spray to help with muscle aches and stiffness. 

In addition to listening to and taking care of their bodies in the ways above, the men in my life also make sure to spray their vitamins! Sprayology offers three outstanding vitamin sprays for a variety of needs:

  1. EveryDay Multi: A great multivitamin spray that’s perfect for the whole family and provides immune support, skin and eye health, metabolism support, and more.
  1. EverydayDay Energy: A B12 and folate vitamin that is especially important for people who eat little to no red meat, consume alcohol, have a high stress life, or are on certain medications. The majority of Americans are reported to have a B12 deficiency, which can cause health problems when compounded over time - so getting your B12 is vital! 
  1. EveryDay Sunshine: A vitamin to provide your daily dosage of D3 and K2 to improve immune function, mood, bone health, and more.

As you can see, Sprayology provides a variety of products that can help men as well as women. So, this Father’s Day, consider how a gift from Sprayology could improve the health and wellness of the men in your life. Remember: healthy living is not just for the ladies! 


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