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Concerns over use of Ibuprofen  

There is a great deal of media coverage concerning the use of OTC pain medications like Advil and Aleve. NY Times link below.  The FDA is changing the required warning to specifically state that they increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Evidence shows there is a risk even with low dose.  I listened to a conversation on NPR by 3 doctors who specifically stated the risk can be immediate for people with higher risk factors.

In general, taken occasionally, in moderation and in low dose these products can be very helpful to many people, but in today's world many people take them everyday and without even thinking about it.  Please think before you use.

I have had 3 knee operations, have had back trouble most of my life and I to use to mindlessly pop Ibuprofen a couple of times a day. I am happy to say it has now been years since I have taken it. Instead, I hydrate, use ice and always have arnica on hand. 

Arnica is the #1 selling homeopathic ingredient in the world used to treat pain, soreness, bruising and muscle aches.  It can be purchased in gel, cream or tablet form. Sprayology is the only Arnica product on the market that is used both internally and externally for faster relief. Spraying and rubbing the product where you hurt and taking the product orally sends this healing root to the site of need.

please consider natural pain relief such as Arnica Power3
Ellie Whalen, Founder of Sprayology


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